Political Science Note Book Submission

Submit your Political Science Notebook by 12.12.17 without fail.

Till – Compete CH – 7 Textual Exercise with extra questions.


Bharat Suhagiya


History HW 5.12.17

Answer the following questions

  1. Why Surat was known as a gateway to the West? [5]
  2. What are hundis? [1]
  3. Write a short note on the Architectural Splendour of Hampi. [3]


Bharat Suhagiya

Science H.W. (04/12/17)

Dear Learners,

Vocabulary Task: Write the following words three times in the NB-1 using the rule Look – Cover – Say-Check – Write.

Oscillation, Uniform motion, Non-uniform motion, Bar graphs, Simple Pendulum, Time Period.

Textual Task: Do Q 1 and 4 in NB-1

[Time: 20 minutes                                      MI: Verbal                             RBT: Understanding]