Important Notice

On 30th August, there is a CBSE Painting Competition for classes 5-10 organised by PCRA.

Students should bring A3 size Art Sheet as well as colours (Pencil colours, crayons or water colours).

TOPIC: Small Steps Of Fuel Conservation can make a big change

Use of Collage/Patchwork is not permitted in the paintings at all levels of competition.

Eligibility: Two categories:

  • Students of classes 5 – 7 (Junior)
  • Students of classes 8 – 10 (Senior)

Science H.W. (18/08/17)

Dear Learners,

Application Task: give reasons:

a) Why Siberian crane visits India during winters?

b) Polar bear hibernate. Give reasons.

c) What are the different adaptations of the polar bear that help it in the swimming?

Explanation Task: Refer Section 7.3 of the Textbook and write the Adaptive features of animals found in Tropical forests:

  • Monkeys
  • Lion- Tiger
  • Elephant
  • Red-eyed frog
  • Beard-ape


Science H.W. (16/08/17)

Dear Learners,

Journal Writing Task: Complete the practical under the heading Aim, Materials required, Procedure, Observation and Conclusion:
Aim: To prepare Pure crystals of Copper sulphate from its Impure solution.