English H.W

Dear Learners,

Intensive Reading: Read aloud the lesson The Ashes that made trees bloom. Re-read without moving your lips. Underline the difficult words and make a note of it in Notebook 1 following the Look – Cover – Say – Check – Write Method.

[  bloom, daimios, couple, cushion, crape, chopsticks, snug, soul, creature, protectors, heron, purpose, intentionally, scratching, buried, gleamed, motioning, glittered, neighbours, coaxed, dainties, covetous, flung, carcass, furious, treasure, chopping, mourning, beneath, hoe, incense, appeared, sauce, pounding, hammer, stingy, envious, mortar, withered, blossoms, prostrate, gleefully ]


Knowledge Series On Animation

Dear parents,

Divya Bhaskar is organising a knowledge series on Animation.

As this industry is growing by the day and has alot of potential in the future, it is much necessary for the students and parents of today to know about it.

We have invited the best speakers from the industry to speak on the subject –

1) Mr Suhas Kadav – Chief Creative Officer from India’s leafing animation production house Cosmos-Maya and also the the director of currently India’s no 1 toon series “Motu-Patlu”

2) Mr Shrirang Sathaye – An animation consultant and animation director, he is in the industry since last 25 years. He is the animation director of the famous bollywood animation film “Roadside Romeo” produced by Yashraj Productions.

Registrations are absolutely free.

So,it is a request to all the students and parents to participate in this seminar.

To register please SMS or Whatsapp your Name, Age & No. to 8320268232.

Science HW

Dear Learners,

Explain the following in NB1 .

Q1. Why are acids named so? Give few examples of acidic substances.

Q2. How does baking soda taste and feel when rubbed? Why?

Q3. If we cannot taste every substance, how dow e find its nature, i.e. acidic or basic?

Q4. What are indicators? List some naturally occurring indicators.