Science H.W. (18/08/17)

Dear Learners,

Application Task: give reasons:

a) Why Siberian crane visits India during winters?

b) Polar bear hibernate. Give reasons.

c) What are the different adaptations of the polar bear that help it in the swimming?

Explanation Task: Refer Section 7.3 of the Textbook and write the Adaptive features of animals found in Tropical forests:

  • Monkeys
  • Lion- Tiger
  • Elephant
  • Red-eyed frog
  • Beard-ape


Science H.W. (16/08/17)

Dear Learners,

Journal Writing Task: Complete the practical under the heading Aim, Materials required, Procedure, Observation and Conclusion:
Aim: To prepare Pure crystals of Copper sulphate from its Impure solution.



Science H.W. (08/08/17)

1. Terminology Task: Write the given words 3 times in Notebook 1 using the rule Look-Cover-Say-Write-Check:1.

Weather, climate, Humidity, Adaptation, Migration, Tropical Region, Polar region, Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature.

2. Activity Task: Complete Table 7.1 given in textbook.

3. Problem Solving Task: Give one word for the following:
a) Instrument to measure maximum and minimum temperature.

b) Amount of water vapour present in air at a given time and place.

c) Name the instrument used to measure relative humidity.