English H.W

Dear Learners,

Intensive Reading: Read aloud the lesson The Ashes that made trees bloom. Re-read without moving your lips. Underline the difficult words and make a note of it in Notebook 1 following the Look – Cover – Say – Check – Write Method.

[  bloom, daimios, couple, cushion, crape, chopsticks, snug, soul, creature, protectors, heron, purpose, intentionally, scratching, buried, gleamed, motioning, glittered, neighbours, coaxed, dainties, covetous, flung, carcass, furious, treasure, chopping, mourning, beneath, hoe, incense, appeared, sauce, pounding, hammer, stingy, envious, mortar, withered, blossoms, prostrate, gleefully ]


Political Science H.W

Dear Learners,

Ch-4 : Please complete W.B (P 218-222) and submit on Saturday i.e 21.7.18 for correction.


Dear Learners,

  1. Students should come in School Uniform for Vaccination on 17 July (Tuesday) along with the ID Card.

2. Students should not be empty stomach.

3. Students should bring Art and Craft material for M-R Poster Making Activity.

4. Parents should carry their RF-ID Parent Card.

5. Siblings should come together in the Junior Sibling Vaccination Timings.