Dear Learners,

Please come prepared for a test of Unit-4 tomorrow.




English H.W (10.8.18)

Dear Learners,

Please complete the H.W and submit your copies tomorrow without fail for correction.


English H.W

Dear Learners,

Intensive Reading: Read aloud the lesson The Ashes that made trees bloom. Re-read without moving your lips. Underline the difficult words and make a note of it in Notebook 1 following the Look – Cover – Say – Check – Write Method.

[  bloom, daimios, couple, cushion, crape, chopsticks, snug, soul, creature, protectors, heron, purpose, intentionally, scratching, buried, gleamed, motioning, glittered, neighbours, coaxed, dainties, covetous, flung, carcass, furious, treasure, chopping, mourning, beneath, hoe, incense, appeared, sauce, pounding, hammer, stingy, envious, mortar, withered, blossoms, prostrate, gleefully ]